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"I'm Head of Computer Science at York St John University and a member of the Internet of Things Council. I'm interested in the possibilities and challenges that the Internet of Things and its related technologies may create for society. I'm interested in what it will be mean to be human in this emerging technological reality. This site is my new personal platform for sharing my thoughts on these things. All opinions expressed here are my own and are in no way reflective of any of the organisations I work with or for. "

Justin McKeown, PhD

Research 90%

Management & Leadership Expereince 70%

Creativity and Innovation 90%

Systems development 60%

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Services I can Provide


My research focuses on the development of ethical Internet of Things systems for Smart Cities, Smart Homes etc. Just because something is efficient doesn't necessarily mean it's human friendly. I can work on consultancy projects as part of my university research activities


I write for academic and non-academic publications including books, magazines and online resources. I'm always open to proposals to contribute to new publications.

Educational Workshops

I'm passionate about digital literacy and deliver educational workshops to support people who are new to the subject. As part of my work at York St John University I organise an annual intensive summer school to support young people in learning practical computational skills.

Public speaking

I deliver talks and briefings on specific aspects of the Internet of Things within my field of research.

ethical computer systems

I'm an advocate of open source technologies and some of my Internet of Things research activity is devoted to helping people developing hardware and software systems for the benefit of communities.

I'm radioactive

Only joking :)

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23 May 2016

As stated at the end of Part One of this post series: While the development of the Internet – both in terms of physical architecture and communication protocols – is fundamental to the existence of the Internet of Things, other fields of research would have to develop and converge with this radical new communication system […]

23 May 2016

The Internet of Things, or IoT as it is commonly abbreviated, is becoming part of current technological rhetoric. A quick Google search will provide the reader with a multitude of information ranging from media articles about what it will do for society and how many connected devices each person will have by 2020, to attempts […]

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